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Do you want to know my deepest desires?  I have many of them.  My
ultimate desire is to be truly loved and worshipped by a REAL man.
I'm only 20, so I have a lot of living to do before I settle down.
But you know what would rock?  To be your GFE phone sex girl.  That's
right, I wanna be your phone sex girlfriend! We could have really hot
phone sex and then talk about current events, our hopes and dreams or
anything you want!

Now, just because I'm looking for a phone sex boyfriend doesn't mean
that I'm not a kinky girl! You don't have to be boyfriend material to
call me! I am ready and willing to talk about allll your fetishes!
It's fun to try them all out.  I have discovered that I love sissies,
humiliation, taboo and extreme roleplays, mutual masturbation. Those
are just a few.  I'd love to try some stuff out with YOU!  So call me!
I may look sweet but don't let that fool ya! ;)

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